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Who am I?

Jessica Evans. Biodesigner. Future Thinker. Change Maker.

Passionate, driven and a believer that by practising science fiction thinking and manifesting solutions, a new way of life can be created. Problems arising through climate change steer a need for sustainable practices and collaboration. My goal is to develop dynamic materials and designs that positively impact a rapidly changing environment.

A BA in fashion design laid the groundwork for a love of self-expression and fantasy. The ability to escape into a new world. 

Raised to be respectful and caring of our planet led to the uncovering of the Biodesign world, where nature can act as Collaborators. Studying MA Biodesign at CSM,  solidified this understanding and enabled it to be brought into action.  Mycelium, algae and bacteria are common contributors to my work, which ranges from the concrete to speculative. Combined with technology, these enable my vision of a cleaner future, as we take action against the climate crisis. A fashion designer at heart, digital clothing design contributes to my practice by exploring how we can reduce physical waste and protect our critical natural resources, revolutionising the industry.


We walk the road less travelled. We take risks. Challenge social conventions. Combine unassuming elements to create unusual outcomes.


We care. Alot. About other people and the planet. We strive every day to be socially responsible and understanding to protect the well-being of those around us.



Mother nature is our provider. She is our home, our lifeline. Whilst at the intersection of polluting fields, we are unable to make peace with the damage they cause to her so will riot until they are changed.  




An interdisciplinary artist working at the intersection of fashion, nature and technology. Digital art work is inspired by the biological processes and invisible phenomenons surrounding us.  


Understanding how to make meaningful, sustained change within the fashion industry can be daunting. We offer services to learn how to transition from physical to digital fashion for design and manufacturing.  



We have a passion for conversation. Lets share ideas, beliefs and learn from each other as we nagivate the climate crisis together.  


.    Creating digital fashion artwork for campaigns.  

. Fully digitising fashion collections for manufacturing, social media and AR/VR experiences. 


.  Private 1-1 or group tutorials to create digital fashion pieces. Includes learning Clo3d, Blender and Substance designer. 

.  Workshops for how you and your company can start to implement biodesign practices into your business or processes. 



.  We love sharing and discussing ideas. For talks about how biology, technology and fashion can coincide, don't hesitate to get in touch! 


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